Friday, January 2, 2009

After the storm

Well I've ran out of good luck. I figure, if you can drive through a blizzard and NOT get stuck or in an accident - your luck is worn out. Hell, I even did some AWD drifts in the empty parking lot. I even got a disapproving head shake from an old lady in a 4x4 Jeep Liberty. Sweet.

But back to reality. I managed to plow through so much snow that my entire front end was impacted with ice. I smelled this horrible burning smell - like brakes. I stopped driving and discovered my entire front radiator was covered, so I had to remove all the snow and shake the for wheels free from snow. The roads are pretty good - but icy out here. You have to take it easy on the roads, otherwise you'll end up in an accident.

Many times I didn't realize it was icy until my ABS kicked in. When that happens the wheels rattle with the ABS engaged, a THRUMMMM sound. Once I down-shifted to second gear and hit a patch of ice - only to hear the engine completely die (not a good sound, because it means I had NO TRACTION).

Lord, please help me get through this season with no accidents or mishaps.

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