Friday, December 26, 2008

Dec 26 is boxing day, or Ticket Day in Canada

While most of the stores are open for "deals" this time of year, backwoods Nova Scotia has little to offer the shopper in terms of bargains. You see, the stores are closed on Boxing Day. I know.... what the fuck?

But wait! All is not lost! Fortunately, through sheer greed or plain old assholeness (I made that word up), the local HRM Police Department was out in full force with their radar guns ticketing those pesky speeders on the main roads.

My spider senses was tingling when I went out to a local mall in hopes that I could scoop up some good deals. But alas, I set the cruise control and what did I see? A police van set up at the top of the hill with the radar gun aimed at me.

I was only going +5 over and he didn't bite for the bait. He was waiting for the big game. Indeed, while on my way back my further suspicions were confirmed with not only a police cruiser with a radar gun pointed at me in the opposite direction, but again I was only +5 over. I did see another cop car had pulled over a speeder - he must have been going over 85, because the police don't seem to stop you if you are SLIGHTLY over. Ah well.

New Years is coming up. Don't drink and drive. It's not worth it.

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