Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Post

There's an ominous storm coming up the east cost...and then two more after that. Dec 21 is the first day of winter so I guess we shouldn't be surprised about it. I'm on vacation until Jan 2, returning to work on Jan 5. Some of my family live out west in Manitoba. I'm hoping it will be a quiet Christmas. I have lost my zeal for end of year "Boxing Day" sales. Sure, I'll look at the fliers when they come online but I have no intention of spending any big money this year. So what's new? Well, I rode a mechanical bull last night.... other than a sore hand and back, I managed to last about 30 seconds. At the bar I went into they charge you 5 bucks to ride it. I thought - why not? Could it be that hard? I've been to bullriding events before, hell I even had a pair of new cowboy boots on. 
But alas, not even the boots were enough. You see, those damn bulls are tricky: They move left, right, forward, back, all the time you are constantly trying to keep your center of balance over the rope. I flailed my spare arm in the air in an attempt to look like a professional bull rider. But all I think I did was manage to get thrown off without getting HIT by the damn thing. A younger guy before me went on the thing and got a fat lip from it. When he was thrown the bull hit him in the jaw.
True to my nature, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. I think I might go out tonight in the wee hours of the morning (3 am?). That's the only time to go shopping at Walmart. I filled up my Subaru with a tank of gas last week. I had 13 cents off per liter coupons, and when I factored in the current price I managed to get 63 cents per liter. My fill cost about $26 dollars - not bad.
The Subaru is working pretty good and haven't had any issues moving around in this treacherous weather lately. The engine is very loud when cold, but I don't mind it one bit. During my time off I'll be cleaning up the apartment, throwing junk out, sorting things, overall end of year tidying up. 
Have a safe and merry Christmas & New Years.

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