Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Woman leaves $2,000 laptop in Lexus, tries to blame Futureshop

In Bayer's Lake Shopping Center, a woman in a late-model Lexus SUV purchased a $2,000 laptop for her 10 year old son for school. They had to go into another store so the lady decided to leave it in the back seat of the lexus for "Just a few minutes". When she got back to the SUV 10 minutes later, her back window to the passenger seat was smashed and the $2,000 laptop was missing.

One wonders how stupid people can be. I swear to God I am not making this shit up. Bayers lake is a thieves paradise. They often stake out people who buy high-priced items at the stores and wait to see if they leave the vehicles alone with the purchases inside. The old smash-and-grab game. Hell, we even had someone robbed as they were walking TOWARDS their car. Fortunately, that guy got hit by a good samaritan in a truck.

The comments to the store are priceless:

"Ok, so you drive a luxury SUV, shop in Bayers Lake Park, DO NOT conseal your purchase? What color is the sky in your world? Crime happens all the time. You need some common sense. even a bag marked Future Shop is a target. You need to take a hard look at yourself and realize that the only one at fault here is you."
One more reader to the Chronicle Herald writes:

"Another case of "blame someone else for my stupidity" How many times do people have to be told to lock "shiney" items in their trunk, or cover them up. She even left her purse on the seat. Especially at this time of year, with people converging on places like Future Shop and Staples to get pre-school supplies, the staff would hardly have time to explain to every customer that someone broke into another car in the parking lot. Put the blame for this one squarely where it belongs MOM, especially when your 10 year old broached the subject first."
And finally this gem:

"She is putting blame on the Future Shop when she left the item on the front seat along with her purse and a nintendo game system? are you kidding me? I am sorry but I don't have any pity for stupidity... Would she also blame a zoo if she walked into the lion's den with a pork chop tied around her neck and was attacked?"
Read the original story here. What the fuck is wrong with people? Did she not realize this is the same thing as handing your computer to a stranger and saying "Fuck...take it already!".

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