Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Unholy Crash

A buddy at work looked a bit scratched today. He shall rename anonymous and his car make shall not be named yet. His insurance company is still reviewing the claim. What happened was a day at the track that went horribly bad. He's a good driver at a local race track and often takes his own small car for hot laps around the track. I've been at the track but have never driven on it - the hair pins are pretty steep. It's a motorcycle track. But anyway, he was taking a corner pretty good and his wheel hit a chunk of concrete on the edge of the track. Before he knew it the entire car rolled over. Fortunately he managed to pull his arms in but the car suffered complete write-off damage.

I guess it's going to take a few weeks while the insurance company sorts things out. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet which helped save his own neck. The car is just fucked up. He got it last year just before Christmas. I had a feeling something like that would happen because he had an accident on the track a month before - nothing serious, just drifted off the track and onto the grass.

I hope he gets a Subaru with his insurance cash.


I have to head to PEI again for a quick 760 km end-to-end bullrun. Same old rules: No speeding (excessively), really try to stick to the speed limit, and try to stay alive. It's going to be defensive driving on the highways this Friday as I head out at around 1 pm atlantic time. Say a prayer for me. It's expensive to go back and forth to PEI - including gas it's about $120 per trip (return).

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