Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm in Boston

I got a ride in a Lincoln town car on my way to the airport. The car rides like a living room couch: Lumbering, ponderous, powerful, but comfy. I told my driver it was like going down the highway on my living room couch. He laughed. I get nervous when other people drive and I'm in the passenger side. My driver was a pretty good driver - a bit slow, but a good driver nonetheless.

My flight from Halifax to Boston was uneventful. In my mind I kept seeing Al Queada jumping up through the isles and storming for the cockpit. Fortunately it never happened. The USA really is a different place when compared to Canada. First off, people drive like maniacs in Boston. Second... my Taxi driver was a complete maniac driver too.

He was a really nice guy. His name is Moustafa and he was from Algeria. We talked about fishing, taxi driving, and then mainly traffic and fishing. My hotel was about 30 miles from the fucking airport so my taxi fare was $88 dollars US! The Company is going to reimburse me for that one.

The weirdest thing happened to me as I was leaving the cab. Moustafa, the cab driver handed me a thick hardcover book. It was titled "State of Denial" by Bob Woodward. It's a book that takes facts about the Iraq war and the President George W Bush and how he totally fucked it up. I assume he lent me this book as a ploy to get me to call him back on Thursday. Who knows. I will read it just for the hell of it. It's 500+ pages so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get very far.

The drivers out here are just maniacs. Once I saw a black Subaru WRX blast by at 100 MPH and weaving through traffic left and right. No wonder other people are angry at Subaru drivers. Are we all assholes? I certainly don't drive like that in my car.

Then I saw quite a few ricers out there. One even had a suped-up Chevy S10 with a full body kit. Whatever. The best was a Pontiac GTO I saw on the road (late 2000's). Pretty rare car in Canada, in my opinion.

People were slicing and dicing through traffic, cutting, merging, it was so chaotic. I loved it. Moustafa had this annoying habit of letting go of the wheel and let the car drive it's self. I am sure he didn't mean to, but the car had pretty good alignment because it never moved much. My heart jumped when we went into the Big Dig tunnel. Now I know why people die in tunnels. You really have no chance in hell of stopping if there is an accident ahead of you. You literally have seconds to react to people braking ahead of you. I sweated nervously until we got out of the tunnel.

Moustafa told me he thought the big dig was a waste of money. "Why spend billions on this stupid tunnel when all we get out of it is THIS!" and he points to the lines of traffic stalled out ahead of us. Sure, you move quick in the tunnels but when you get's fucking busy.

I'm in town for a few days to take in a support account manager course. I am very interested to see what I can learn and what other people I will meet. My hotel is located in the middle of nowhere. I had to walk two miles to find the nearest Walgreens. Fortunately, I also discovered they have a sale on T-shirts and sweat shirts with "BOSTON" logos on it. I'll be back, bitch!

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