Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm back - and alive.

It's entirely possible to drive a trip doing the speed limit or eeking over the limit by 5 km/hour. I have pictures but they're locked in my cell phone for now. I left Friday at 1PM and arrived in Charlottetown, PEI at 5:45 pm. I got lost (like I always do) during my initial zip into the little city. Once I found the Hospital, I took highway #2 to where I was supposed to go. That trip really took it out of me. I had to spend the night and relax. I watched a cool movie called Snatch, which was very good.

I woke up early today (730 am), and left at 8 in the morning after having a coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. I stuck to my guns and didn't speed much at all (if any). I managed to take a relaxed ride through the countryside. Then my MP3 players batteries died and I had to resort to my rather limited collection of audio CD's. Where's Pastor Troy when you need him?

I only had one tailgator during my trip. It was a shitty Saturn car driven by some young punk. Anyway he was quickly dusted as I merged into the right hand lane. As he coasted by I stopped at a red light (the douche bag was turning left). I mouthed "You got NOTHIN". The little fucker in the passenger gave me the finger. They turned before I could return the favor. Punk ass little bitches. I had a little Toyota Echo try and pace me when I drove up to PEI. You know those fuckers who once you pass them, they try and ride your ass? Well he gave up after I took 2nd gear right up to 100 km/hour. He never saw it coming. Old school assholes.

There was tons of roadkill on the highway. Bloated bodies of raccoons, skunks, and rats. I ran over a dead skunk who I could not avoid because I didn't see the sucker until the last moment. Fortunately, there was no stink on my car when I stopped a few hundred kilometers later. There's "Danger! Moose" signs in certain areas. I dread those things. Once I saw an entire deer that had been hit by a large truck - the blood was everywhere and the carcas was still halfway in the road. You know those horror movies with blood everywhere? Sort of like that. Imagine a highway that was paved with red blood. The fedit flies and birds of decay were there too, eating the carrion that laid around. Apparently there are people out there who eat this stuff. I wouldn't.

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