Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I could live here...

This place reminds me of my home town, Winnipeg Manitoba. People drive like maniacs and there are cars everywhere. Just today after my course finished I decided to walk to the far right of the street I am on (Turnpike blvd). After a few miles I encountered a car dealership........and proudly displayed was a Cayman S from 2006. It was a sweet red car. I took many photos with my digital camera. I walked on until I found a grocery store... walked in..... found a Dunkin' Donuts... ordered a coffee. Damn, that's good coffee.

I don't leave here until tomorrow morning at around 5 am. It's going to be a quick flight tomorrow and then back to work Thursday afternoon. I'll upload the photos later this week. The prices of food are more expensive up here... a 12-pack of pop runs you 5.80... while in Canada the same brand can be found for $4.99 or less. There used to be a huge difference in variety of pop...but now Canada has pretty well the same pop.

I gave my Taxi driver Moustafa a call and he'll come pick me up in the morning. That'll be a 80+ dollar cab ride for sure. Good thing I can expense this shit. My course instructor paid 96 dollars for his cab ride. I don't like living much in a hotel. I miss my comfy couch. The room is noisy; the air conditioner is like an old beast from the 80's. I am surprised how small the room is compared to the palace I had in Minneapolis back in April. No flat screen TV's. The pool is closed. The rooms are adequate, but nowhere near spacious for the 165.00 per night you pay for them. Did you know that if you order room service they automatically add in a 18% gratuity charge and 2% delivery fee? What the fuck!

One last thing. The internet speeds here are just incredible. I mean... 3,000 kb/s UP and 24,000 kb/s down.... just crazy!!

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