Saturday, September 13, 2008

2006 Cayman S $50K

While in Norfolk, Mass (outskirts of Boston) I managed to find a used car dealership named "Boch Superstore". They had regular cars on the lot, but positioned near the front on an angle was this beauty of a car: 2006 Cayman S. The Cayman sits under the legendary 911 but above the poser Boxster. Below are some shots I took with my 7.2 megapixel Fuji camera. They are scaled down because blogger doesn't allow mega shots. Note: Click on any picture to see the FULL SIZE shot!
It's hard to get the color right because the sun was shining in my eyes, causing the lens flare you see in the shot above. I really love the wheels on the car.
My camera tends to over-emphasize some colors. I don't own a SLR camera, but my Fuji S700 is good enough for me. I upgraded last year when Futureshop had one on sale for like $60.00 off (I bought it last year for 199 bucks). Now you can get 12 Megapixel 12x zoom's for that cost. Technology just keeps going down every month in costs.
I spotted this Acura RL (?) near a tire shop. The owner removed all badging and put on some ricey rims. The exhaust looks stock but I'm not sure. The wing is factory I believe.
The shot above is a Subaru Forester that had Obama stickers on it. I love Subaru's and I had to capture at least one on my trip. You know all those crazy magnetic ribbon stickers you see on cars these days, most say "Support our troops" or "Obama or Mccain in 2009". I found one on a sidewalk that said "I support Macaroni and Cheese". I love that.
I'm a big coffee addict. When in the USA I try to find a Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop wherever I can. I found one hidden in a local grocery store. The coffee below cost me $1.88 US. Not bad for a large double-double!

And finally, the picture above shows how little sidewalks exist in some areas of where I was. I was walking literally on the shoulder and had to jaywalk to get across to the local walgreens drug store. Did you know Walgreens had a great deal on boston tee shirts and hoodies? The shirts were 2/10$ and the hoodie was $9.99. Compare that price to the crap they sell at the airport for 30.00 per shirt, and 50.00 for a hoodie. True bargains. Peace out!

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