Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Various Shots around Halifax

The first shot is called "The hole to hell". I call it this because the hole is over forty feet deep, and used to contain really old sewage pipes that lead from the main distribution line to the houses.
You can see the old pipe to the left of the ladder. At the very lower right you can see water streaming down. According to the construction workers, there is an underwater river in Halifax. I never knew that.

 The shot above is a local Pontiac Sunfire defiled with a horrific airbrush of a tiger making scratches on the front of the car. I think the cat is probably in pain from being on that piece of shit Sunfire.
 I think it's an old Triumph roadster. I could be wrong. I met up with the owner of the car accidentally when he caught me taking pictures of it. The owner said "I'm thinking about selling it". I would guess he would have sold it to me at that moment if I gave him a good offer. The car is over forty years old and needs quite a bit of upkeep and maintenance. I think it looks pretty good for it's age.

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