Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take a break

I've taken a break from the Crap Cars for a few days. I've been tuning in the Olympics quite a bit lately (Go Canada!). I missed the opening ceremony but caught only the middle portion of it. I tried to download the entire event via Bit Torrent.....and I managed to do it......but the announcers voices are from Japan. I fucking downloaded a rip from a Japanese HD broadcast. Unbelievable. I have to start over now.

I was checking out Jalopnik on the weekend......apparently the Gumball 3000 has started in the USA. There's a big controversy over the street cred of these so-called "racers". Especially since one of the cars features a mid-80's piece of crap Buick with a huge black dildo mounted on the hood. I kid you not about this. Warning: Not safe for work, not safe for children or anyone who does not like looking at genitals. Don't say I didn't warn you about it. (It's rather disgusting btw, especially when you look at the Jalopnik post and see children are at the event. Un-fucking-believable.)

It's been a few days since we put down our mother-in-laws dog. It's a shame, but it had to be done. To let an animal suffer needlessly and in pain is not a very good life.  I didn't get any opportunity to test drive any vehicles because of personal shit. I'll see if I can test drive some vehicles next weekend. I have no idea what to drive. I saw some interesting cars in Halifax last week:

- Silver Ferrari F430 convertable
- White BMW M6
- Red Ferrari Tesstarosa (wow it's a tiny car!)

I've noticed that my tires on the subaru are starting to feather on the outside edges (each tire). This indicates a problem with the wheel alignment. I suspect the car may have too much toe-in or toe-out as the car tracks perfectly straight (there is no drift at all). I have to change the oil this week and I might get the wheel alignment checked if it's not too expensive. I'll need a 4-wheel alignment check as the car is AWD (50% front, 50% back, all the time).

Well that's about it. I hope you folks had a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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