Sunday, August 24, 2008

Success (The oil change that is)

The oil change was pretty easy, but really messy. I had with me:

1-Huge crescent wrench
1-Subaru oil filter ($10.50, tax incl)
5L of 5W30 motor oil ($12.99, tax incl).
1-Plastic drain plug washer
1-Fram air filter (10.99, tax incl).
1-Oil recovery device (funnel and storage system)

To begin in was very easy. I removed the oil filler cap and the oil dipstick. I then crawled under my car and positioned the oil recovery container under my car. Since some asshole stole my hydraulic jack recently, I had to do this from underneath and horribly cramped. I hope whoever stole my fucking jack gets crushed by it.

I used my crescent wrench to remove the oil drain plug. Oil began spilling EVERYWHERE including over the funnel. I had to contain it with an old shop towel. After it finished, I removed the old oil filter. More oil all over my hands. At this point I backed off and let the car drain. After 15 minutes I replaced the drain plug and oil put in a new oil filter.

I discovered that the plastic washers that I bought wouldn't fit my car. So I had to re-use the Subaru one. No problem - it held perfectly. I cleaned around the filter and around the drain plug. I then put in approximately 4 liters of 5W30 and started the engine for 30 seconds. I turned it off, waiting 10 minutes, checked the oil and noticed I was down to less then "Low". I dumped another liter of oil in and it took me right up to the top.

I removed the air filter using two steel clips and discovered it had been really dirty. I changed that right away and cleaned the top of the engine. It was very dirty - oily dirty to be specific. I then ran out to Tim Hortons and while in the drive-through discovered I had "burned oil stink" coming from the car. I pulled over and inspected. As I thought: Old oil had began burning on the engine exhaust shroud. I cleaned it up with a towel and went home to inspect further. I was worried that somehow I had over-tightened the oil filter. But I was good: There were no leaks and the car was running perfectly.

My next change is due in 6 months, as per Subaru's maintenance schedule. I now how to visit an enviro depot to get rid of the used oil. I'll do that next weekend.

My cost to change oil: $23.49
Optional air filter: $10.99
Labor: $ FREE
Total: $34.38

Now how about Subaru doing the job? Check this out. I found this off another blog where a guy had his WRX STi - the oil is the semi-synthetic (+/- 8.00 ), as is the filter.

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