Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Speedy Matrix? Not

Whilst on my way to work this morning I usually get caught behind slow assholes. Case in point: A red Toyota Matrix that kept it under the speed limit and was slow off the start. Kinda being driven like an old man but really driven by some 40-year old dude.

The fun begins when we turn right onto a street that leads to a bridge. The matrix guy picks the far right lane. I take the left and hammer it. The AWD whine kicks in and I speeeed up through the corner and take the inside (legal) lane. The matrix tries in vain to take my lane but -NO- I am ahead and gone. The matrix sheepishly takes my lane behind the traffic. All the while some piece of shit Cavalier had managed to get in front of me by cutting across two lanes. Fuck I hate Cavaliers. Not that I used to drive one, but they are just crap. Usually driven by people who have no clue about lane changing technology like blinkers.

The same turn-off corner a few weeks ago, some dipshit in a Honda Civic Si is in the left lane, I am in the right. He tries to merge into my lane, only my car is there. I speed ahead - he tries also but fails miserably (I am faster). It was raining pretty good and at that moment in time I hit a massive - and I mean big - pool of water. It entirely engulfs the Honda. At which point I get a blast of horn and I joyously flip him off. Fucking asshole.

The police are really cracking down on people who speed through construction areas. This morning during my commute I noticed this huge sign that said "Double fines for speeding in construction zones". At that moment I kept my speed down to about 30-40 km/hour. The police like to hang around Gottingen street and catch you off guard. They are assholes. Once, I was driving my old piece of shit Cavalier up through the back streets to avoid them, but they had positioned an officer in the middle of the lane doing safety spot checks. What the fuck.... ? My safety sticker expired. Would the police officer cut me a break? No. Fucking beotch. I admit I was wrong...but the ticket was 200 bills! Fuck the police.

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