Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oil Change Weekend

I have to change my oil this weekend. I picked up 6-1L jugs of 5W30 oil today, they were on sale for 2.29 a piece. Oddly enough, Canadian tire was selling the 4L jugs for 12.99 - so do the math - it costs LESS to get the individual jugs than to buy two 4L's!

On my way back home I stopped in at Tim Hortons and picked up some coffee. Out in the parking lot was a guy with his Dodge Neon SRT-4. He had the hood up, so I walked over and asked the stupid question: "Is that an SRT-4?". He was a nice guy, and told me about the car. It was a 2004 and he put in after-market intake and engine mounts. He told me the car has an oil leak near the main rear seal. (Not a good sign in my opinion). I asked how it rides and he said very good. "Does it need premium unleaded?" I asked and he looked disappointed and said "Yeah". Premium is almost a buck fifty a liter out here.  He motioned to my Subaru and said "How is that?" I said the car is great, but you have to be very careful in the winter time.

I regailed him about my righteous AWD drifting and after I was done I admitted I was in a few stupid accidents. It's a great car but you have to respect the understeer and it's tendency to drift sideways at a moments notice when in snow or ice. He said "That's a great car" and we both chatted about each other's rides.

I don't know if any of you own a Subaru, but I've noticed my engine has been getting caked with dusty oil for quite some time now. I check my oil levels and there is nothing escaping the engine, it's just a worry that somehow I am doing something to cause this. I'm going to have to search the North American Subaru Impreza forums to find out if anyone else encountered this.

Thank God for air conditioning. I've been using that since the temp rises over 25 degrees (and I'm a wimp anyway). If I have A/C, I'm going to use it when it's hot. All these people winding their windows down and rolling down the highway with their heads hanging out isn't going to save much gas - just more misery, in my opinion.

I showed the guy the pics of the Audi R8 that I spotted yesterday, and he was surprised someone actually bought one. Nova Scotia is a fairly poor province, but obviously someone out here has enough cash to buy a 420+ bhp supercar. Where would one drive it, I have no idea, because the car sits so low you'd be ruining the skirts and front air dam with every bump or speed bump or driveway entrance. A truly impractical car that seats only 2 people.... with a window dedicated to the supercharged V8 engine......who wouldn't love the car?

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