Monday, August 25, 2008

Dusty Roads from Hell

I swear to fuck the roads in Dartmouth Nova Scotia are worse than Beirut during the Israeli war. The construction folks have managed to rip up the entire length of Pleasant Street and replace it with a strip of half-asphalt and half-loose gravel. The result? An unpredictable ride that puts out huge billows of dust everywhere you drive. The residents have resorted to putting water on the road, but even then it only lasts until the water evaporates.

I can rip down the road easily enough using the all wheel drive, you'd be amazed at how much dirt I can throw around. There is such a disrepair of the roads around here that almost all the traffic I see, there are people dodging potholes be driving around them - dangerously coming close to the opposing lane or encroaching against my lane.

All the while there are the signs that say "Double fines for speeding in construction zone". News flash: Nova Scotia is an entire construction zone!

Edit note: I don't own a WRX STi rally car, just the base. Also, the roads in Dartmouth are not like the ones pictured below. The one below is better.

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