Monday, August 11, 2008

AutoRevu's Crap Cars Day 8

Renault Avantime

Back in 2001 Renault had this crazy idea of getting a bunch of homeless crack addicts together and giving them pens and paper. They shunted them into a locked room with a baggy of crack cocaine and ordered them to "Design us a car to remember!"
Between the frequent hits of crack the homeless folks walked out after designing the Ferrari California. (It was later sold to Ferrari). Renault had real designers step forward and this monstrosity is what they designed:
The car had a V6 engine that put out 203 bhp and was mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. Public reception to these cars was less than optimal. I rather like the headlights on the car.....but that's about it. What are those narrow openings above the lights? What's with the crazy ass end of the car? It's almost like the folks from the Pontiac Aztec moved in and decided to create another hellish car.
There's the back end of the car. You decide for yourself if this is a good design.

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