Thursday, August 7, 2008

AutoRevu's Crap Cars Day 6

Today's cars are Ricer Specials. I found a whole bunch of interesting rice cars on various forums lately and thought I would pick out some of the more ricy riced out there. I haven't taken any of these photographs so I can't take credit for them. Most of these shots were taken in Utah, which is surprising considering the conservative lifestyle out there. So sit back, enjoy while I show you some truly crappy riced cars.
The car above has the chromed exhaust tip, shit-tastic fast-and-furious rear spoiler (for enormous down force), and some aftermarket rims. I THINK it's a Honda Civic but I can't be sure by the quality of the shots. See the mountains of Utah in the back ground? Mormons in the hood, beotch!
A Pontiac Sunfire with fancy rims, a crappy vinyl job, big exhaust, and stupid stickers in the window. Yep, riced pretty typically.
And here we have a brother showing off his excellent metal shop skills. Not only has this brother managed to get full front-to-back running boards, but he's extended the actual wheel arches with them! And check out the optional side lights (to which I have no idea what purpose they do). Some unusual adornments like US flags and a pimp-tastic truck-style window overhang. The wheels are the kind that make you say "What the FUCK?!!"

Hehehe. Here is a favorite one of mine: The PT Cruiser Deluxe! If you look closely this person has managed to make an ugly car even uglier by extending the grill, putting the headlights at stupid (and unsafe) angles, fake blower, and a fake chrome DIVIDER for the front windshield. I wonder the hell the windshield wipers work if that divider is there? I think there's a side-step on the car too.
And you ever wonder what a Geo Metro would look like with 18 inch wheels? Well wonder no more! Above you'll find a passing resemblance to a roller skate car. A Geo is a POS Geo, no matter what you put on it.

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Jazel said...

My absolute favorite ricer caars are the ones with bodykits that are put on but are still primer color or white...absolutely hilarious!
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