Sunday, August 3, 2008

AutoRevu's Crap Cars Day 3

Turbo Firefly boasts a turbocharged, intercooled, multi-port fuel-injected version of Firefly's 3-cylinder/5-speed manual powertrain and generates 45% more horsepower (70HP @ 5500 RPM) than the standard Firefly engine.
Stoneman: Whooopdie fuck!

Turbo Firefly has been clocked at 9.4 seconds, zero to sixty, on the GM test track with a professional driver at the wheel.
Stoneman: 9.4 seconds can only be achived if you actually remove all but the drivers seat, and miscellaneous stuff like HVAC, roof headliner, and internal plastic panels.

Special Equipment
The car rides on P165/70R-12 steel-belted all-season radials, tires that are wider than those on the regular Firefly.

An upgraded suspension features front stabilizer bar and specific shock absorbers and spring rates.

Aero ground-effects: front and rear air dams and rocker panel skirts. Dual tail pipes.

The Turbo Firefly Exterior
To begin with, you get your choice of bright red or aquablue with colour-matched wide body-side mouldings. Other distinctive Turbo exterior touches include:

* White wheel covers.
* Body-colour bumpers and rub strips.
* Dual black sport mirrors.
* Special "Turbo" and "Intercooler" graphics on the body-side.

The Turbo Firefly Interior
As the picture below indicates, Turbo Firefly is distinguished by specific interior trim in Charcoal and special steering wheel with "Turbo" graphic. Other interior features standard in Turbo Firefly include:

* Custom Knit Cloth upholstery.
* Split-folding rear seat-back.

Stoneman: Believe it or not.... this car is going for big bucks on eBay and Craigs list. Why? Because the car has such a small engine, you can get 40-50 MPG in the thing. But that fuel economy comes at a price. The ride is hard, and the handling is non-existent. Sure, there are these cushioned things called seats in the car but you'll never notice them, because on every bump the piece of shit Geo will be bottoming out. The safety features in the car are almost zilch. Performance is rather pathetic.

Because of the inline 3-cylinder design, you can expect failures in one of the cylinders and this is due to the vibration and engine configuration. If you drive this car I hope you have good life insurance. My grandma died in a Chevy Sprint 15 years ago in a rural car accident (God rest her soul). The cheapness, the Geo and Chevy Sprint exudes it. The only safer car on the market than this is the Chevy Aveo.... and I urge you not to consider that car either because of it's dismal fuel economy and safety.

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