Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AutoRevu's Crap Cars Day 10

Which car would you rather have - or more precisely, which car makes your heart race and giggle like a 10-year old school kid?
The Original Dodge Charger R/T:
Or the 2009 Dodge Charger:

Or maybe the extremely limited edition General Lee?

I'd like to make one thing clear. The Dodge Charger isn't a crap car - not by a long shot. And the new '09 Charger will stir up some deep feelings within the gearhead community. Both cars use pure muscle as their statement, albeit the 70's charger is so valuable that you cannot buy them for less than the cost of a modern house. I prefer the black 70's charger over the new ones. There's something really classic about that design. I was never a MOPAR fan but if there was one great car, this is one of them.

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