Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AutoRevu's Crap Car Day 9

Indeed, when the Reliant Robin was introduced in 1971, fuel economy was a big deal (like it is now). Imagine driving a car that weighed less than 500 kilograms and had very good fuel economy. It lasted for about 25 years before being discontinued. People often refer to the Reliant as the "Plastic Pig" and it is a popular vehicle to race in, as the 3-wheels tend to make it easy to upset the car during hard cornering. It's fairly easy to right yourself by opening the window and using your hand to push away. I don't think I've ever seen this car in Canada so I can't even be sure something like this would be legal to drive on the road. Built before the ages of full shoulder belts, air bags, ABS, and stability control, this car was indeed a one-of-a-kind relic.

And just for laughs....here is a Youtube video of Jeremy Clarkson driving the Peel P50 through London:

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