Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are BMW Drivers Assholes?

Just this morning some asshat in a 3 series BMW decided to ride my ass down the bridge. I was going 10 OVER the speed limit. My solution? Downshift to second and keep the engine at 4K. The car is really fucking loud at 4,000. The asshole backed up. What the fuck is it with BMW drivers? Do they think they are entitled to your part of the road? Other than the remote elderly person driving a 7-series car, I don't think I have ever encountered a BMW driver who wasn't a total prick.

Look, I've driven the BMW car myself during a test drive. Sure, they make great cars. But I didn't turn into an aggressive asshole either. Just because your car costs double mine doesn't mean you have to be a totally selfish, self-centered motherfucker who should be boot fucked.

I know! I have it now. I think I have discovered why BMW owners are so pissed off:
Enough of the rant. During my lunch today I saw an amusing set of bumper stickers (they were HUGE white panels). The massive bumper stickers were on both sides of the rear bumper of a late model Pontiac Grand Am. What did the bumper sticker say?
"I've been rear-ended three times. Please hit me, I could use the money!"
I couldn't get a picture of the car, but the driver was a guy in his early 50's or 60's. I laughed when I saw that. How true is that? I've been rear-ended once and I've rear-ended someone on the bridge. You really have to pay attention to avoid getting hit or hitting someone. That's all it takes.

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