Saturday, August 30, 2008

768 km round-trip.

I have a pounding headache. I just got back from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The highway driving was good, but frantic at times. Basic rules: No speeding, unless absolutely necessary. I kept my cool and managed to not speed at all on the Island. Once on Confederation Bridge, some nutsack in a Dodge Ram truck kept coming up behind me. It's 80km/hour on the bridge and I was going 85 (cruise control set). I never sped up or slowed down. Eventually the idiot figured this out and backed away. Once off the bridge I dropped the car from 5th to 3rd gear and smoked the fucker easily enough. Passing cars becomes mandatory once you exceed the speed limit.

But once I got onto the main highway in New Brunswick I stuck to 110 km/hour. I didn't pass a soul but I was passed by everything from Volvo xc90's, old Chevy's, crappy Pontiac Sunfires, and loads of Honda Minivans. My snapping point came when I was in the slow lane and this POS Kia was in the passing lane (but not going quick). I had a car ahead of me approaching fast. I made the decision to pull out of 5th and drop to 4th and hammer it. I blew past the KIA easily and raced it up to 150 and then backed down slowly to 115. The POS kia came back and passed (slowly).

The Impreza is fantastic on the highway. I never have to worry about having not enough power to over take or pass. I simply drop to 4th gear, put the hammer down, and she pulls. Even with the AC on I get awesome accelleration. I would be delusional to think this car can handle well at that speed - it can't. The car really needs some suspension tweaks (larger anti-sway bars and harder dampening). Of course making those changes would make the ride as hard as rocks. Most of my driving was done on cruise control. Sometimes I had to pass trucks or cars, but for the most part it was a relaxing drive. There were loads of dead animals on the side of the road: Raccoons, badgers, etc. A huge chunk of truck tire obscured my lane so I had to switch back to avoid it.

I nervously looked to the bushes a few times because a saw a "Moose warning" sign. Deer and moose are known to fly out of nowhere and into traffic. If that happened I doubt I would have walked away. The police were out in full force, and I saw a few cruisers posted near the edges of the highway and they had also pulled over a few people for speeding.

I had my 30$ MP3 player handy and a FM broadcaster. The music was a mix of 90's hip hop and new music. For some reason I have this fascination with Pastor Troy, who is a brilliant crump artist who raps about gang life. You can find his music on Youtube easily enough.

My next trip is going to happen next Saturday. I spent about 77$ in fuel and $45 to cross the PEI bridge. I also had to pay $8 in road taxes. I had some help paying for it, fortunately. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

Drive safe and don't speed folks!

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