Monday, July 28, 2008


Watching shows like Canadian Idol are sort of like watching those annoying America's funniest videos of dogs trying to sing along to the music. Only in this case the dogs are actually doing a better job of it. Did you ever watch this shit? Absolutely horrible. And I'm not talking about the host Ben Mulrooney. Fuck I hate that douchebag. There I go again...using that word Douchebag.

Speaking of Douchebags - when's Top Gear USA starting?


But what the fuck has this to do with cars? Nothing. A guy at work just came back from Germany. He's a real gear head and drives an open-wheel race car at the track on the weekends. Cool guy. Anyway, he was telling me about the Nürburgring which is a very tough track indeed. He told me that driving on the track was very difficult as it was a wet day and there was judicious amounts of oil on the track. Each day there was at least one car accident. He saw almost every supercar in existance except for the Bugatti Veyron.

An interesting fact: Many motorcycles on the track. So many of them gather in bunches of 10-20, making driving on the track very difficult at some points. He also mentioned going on the Autobahn and being passed by diesel station wagons going 280 km/hour. That's roughly 175 miles per hour folks. (He was in a BMW M3). I'll say this though...there are quite a variety of cars that roll through this amazing track. You can find the webcam link here.

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