Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rice, Lotus Sports Car, and the Slurpee Bull Run 2005

The photo quality isn’t that great as I took ‘em with a dirty blackberry lens. The blue car is a Lotus Elise and the exotic Honda is an Accord with a massive exhaust pipe.

I couldn’t help take the Honda shots even with the driver sitting in his car. He didn’t say anything though. The Lotus was sitting in a Dartmouth Chevy dealership, they wanted $48K (used). It came from Montreal and no, they wouldn’t let me drive it.The Honda has an exhaust pipe bigger than a coffee can. I am not kidding. I'm too lazy to increase the brightness so just up the brightness of your monitor.

And now the Lotus Elise. Check out those rear diffusers!
Beneath the smiley face lies an engine which turns into a homicidal maniac.
Note the rear-mounted engine.
And finally........the shot of the interior (kinda sucks due to the reflections).

And I thought I would end this post with a heart touching post of a couple of good friends of mine in Winnipeg. They decided to go to every 7-11 in manitoba in a single road trip. Check out the video - it's amazing.

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