Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gas Saving Devices are Scams. And so is the Smart ForTwo.

Great Britain pays 14 dollars a gallon for gasoline. Canada pays on average 1.40 per liter. Gopal Duleep, managing director of Energy and Environmental Analysis Inc., a technical consulting firm in Washington, D.C., estimates that 95% of the aftermarket products don't really change fuel economy. I'm sure you've seen the fuel pill or the vortex intake insert. Both claim on to improve power and deliver improved fuel economy. They are false claims and you are better off removing all the unused weight from your car rather than use these products.

Rip out your rear seats, spare tire, etc. That will save you fuel. But these devices are preying on the gullible consumer who is looking for a cheap, easy way to save money. And the gas pill? But notice none of these area's experts cited has anything to do with fuel-tank additives. Most of these magic pills or sticks you drop into the gas tank claim to enhance performance by removing deposits. But gasoline already has these additives in there already so there is no need for this.

Want to save money? Drive less. Contrary to popular belief, gas prices may be decreasing right now but the overall trend is for them to increase and continue to rise as global demand soars. With the rise in prices you may be tempted to drive a more fuel efficient vehicle. There is one vehicle you should avoid purchasing at all costs: The Smart ForTwo car.
This is one car I drove a few years ago on a test drive. It's perfect if you want an agonizingly slow car that lurches in gear changes like your first 3 speed bicycle. Although it can manage 36 MPG it does so at the cost of your soul. The 3 cylinder engine (46 bhp) manages to get you to 60 in about 20 odd seconds or so. Don't be fooled by the small size in thinking it's not an unsafe car. If there is one good thing I'll say about the SMART car is that the egg-frame is reinforced and has been proven to be safe and sound in crashes. But don't take my word for it.... check out the reviews on this car. The car's interior is horrendous with the pod-style gauges and paddle "shifters" on the steering wheel. I drove this car up a steep hill in Halifax and it hesitated for 12 seconds before actually moving anywhere. It is one of those cars I can honestly say can be beaten by a Kia Rio or Hyundai Accent. It is that slow.

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