Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crap Car Day One: Honda Civic Ricer Accident

The Honda Civic is a good economy car which is very reliable, safe, and somewhat attractive when compared to the other shit cars it competes with. There is a sporty version of the Civic which is an Si, and I absolutely love that car. This not a Civic Si. When the owener of this car attempted to drive up the highway merge lane going 75+ MPH when the speed limit is 40 MPH.... all hell breaks loose.  And speaking of breaking loose... so did this douchebag's rear tire - AT the axel! You can't see it, but this asshole was immediately scooped up by the highway patrol officer and put in the back of the police cruiser.

When you try to take corners that are too quick for your car, two things happen: 1. You put extreme stress on the drivetrain and tires. 2. Because the car wants to go in the direction of forward, and you are choosing to turn, it's going to put an enormous amount of pressure on the cheap tires the car has. This is known as losing your grip.

The car almost launched over the overpass. Fortunately for the driver, the car didn't make it. The whole front end is smashed as it hit the guard rail at about 80 MPH or more.
I got this neat dialog example from a forum. This is what maybe happened just a few seconds before the crash:
Ricer 1: Oh my god dude, like, this new 50Cent track is off da HOOK!
Ricer 2: Hell yea bro, turn up the bass! I wanna hear that woofer!!
Ricer 1: Totally! Lemme just figure out how to adjust the bass .. my dad got me this killer head unit but i cant figure the damn thing out ...
Ricer 2: holy shit dude watch the road!!!!!


Officer: Ehh do you boys have any idea how fast you were going?
Ricer 1: 60, sir?
Officer: exactly .. 5 miles per house UNDER the speed limit
River 1: well, my race car cant go much faster.. i put the exhaust tip on and the euro-tail lights but nothing! i think more neon may do the trick

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