Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Avoid These cars at all cost.

There are cars on the market these days that you should avoid buying at all cost. If you were presented the option of purchasing the cars I will talk about today, dare I suggest you RUN, not walk away from the offer! Pictured above is the Chevy Aveo. Manufactured by South Korean company called Daewoo, it is the most excruciating piece of shit I had ever the displeasure of driving. I drove the Suzuki Swift equivalent of this car for over a MONTH while my Subaru was in the shop from a car accident I had back in December 2007.

Where do I begin? The car lacks ABS, power windows, electronic brake force distribution, a transmission that won't shift like you're in a demolition derby, a screechy noisy pathetic engine, and horrible gas mileage. 40 mpg? Don't believe the hype. This car gets 23 MPG and that's the truth, Ruth. Don't believe me? Check out the US fuel economy web site yourself. The car has front disc and rear drum brakes.

The seats are about as comfortable as sitting on your grandfather's lap.........when you're 20 years old. Oh.... and having an arm rest for the driver's right arm? Forget it...there's nothing there. Just a big empty space. When I drove this car in the winter I prayed to God every time I got behind the wheel.

I prayed because the crash safety on this car is abysmal. You might as well take out extra life insurance if you do decide to drive a car like this.And forget about driving experiences, pleasure of the road, or anything remotely resembling happiness and driving when in this car. You will turn into a miserable creature of hate and exist in a world without passion. It is by far the worst new car I had ever driven in my entire life. On longer road trips I began to daydream about suicide.

Wouldn't it be nice to end it and not have to drive this shit? You know the feeling when you put your foot to the floor and................nothing happens? This is it. Road noise, engine noise, tiny sand particles... they are all audible as you drive around town. The tires are tiny. The clock is ridiculously small and the only redeeming quality about this car was the fact that I had someone to take it from me. I couldn't live life if I had to drive this piece of shit day in and day out. My neighbor drives a Suzuki Swift + - essentially a rebadged Daewoo Kalos. He always looked so sad in the car. And now I know why.
A few years ago I drove the most luxurious KIA ever made: The KIA Amanti. It qualifies as the second crappiest car I had ever driven in my life. Words cannot describe the horrors that await the unsuspecting driver when you get into the beast. Theres so much fake wood in the car that it's really hard to put it into perspective. Coupled with that is an enormous bulbous gear shifter that resembles a #1 wood golf club head.While the car did feature a V-6 engine with a triptronic automatic transmission, that's about all I can say about it.

The salesman boasted to me about the super stereo system in the car. I knew immediately that when someone begins to tell you how fantastic the audio is in the car, it's really a piece of shit car.Driving it is like steering a bathtub in the ocean: You move the steering wheel, the car lumbers and lurches and heaves into the direction you are going. Body roll is enormous and braking is abysmal. Touch the brakes too hard and it immediately dives down. I hadn't seen that since the early 80's cars. The real treat is knowing this car will be worth exactly 1 bag of chips after the 4 years of paying it off.Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent, and anything DaewooNo pictures needed. The quality of KIA and Hyundai have come up in the past few years. However, these cars are still cheap, bare-bones cars that should be avoided if you have even a spec of passion for driving.

If you view a car purchase as something like buying a washing machine or convection oven, well maybe you should consider one of these cars. You should know that the residual value of these cars are about as low as you can expect.Daewoo cars can't be purchased anymore new because the North American dealership system collapsed years ago. I saw something remarkable a few days ago that I thought would be worth mentioning to my 3 readers: I saw a pimped out Daewoo Nibura the other day!Yes! Sweet Jesus I couldn't believe my eyes. It was driven by a young black guy who was wearing the ubiquitous backwards baseball caps. Now I know alot of you haven't seen one of these cars before so here I will present a stock image of one:
You can find the true auto review of this car at this link. What was truly amazing was this guy had gone and replaced the rear tail lights with clear Altezzas, put on some smoking fancy 15 inch rims with thin tires. Honest to God, I had to look twice just to be sure I wasn't seeing things. These cars aren't very common to begin with (thankfully).The last time I checked this car had a massive 129 bhp! Wow!

It's too bad the guy who was driving it was going the other way, because I would have given him the thumbs up for that ride. What a piece of shit. And by shit... I mean rancid dog shit. I just can't comprehend the reasoning on putting rims and prettying up a fugly car in the first place. Even a Toyota Corrolla has more horsepower than this thing! And that's saying alot.And that's the first 3 cars of my rant. More to come... believe me.

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