Thursday, July 10, 2008

Avoid these cars at all cost (p2)

If you read my earlier post regarding shit cars, then no doubt you realize my heartless disregard for shitty cars. Remember the Chevy Epica and the wonderful Chevy Optra? Forgettable South Korean cars made for Chevrolet. Remember the horrible Daewoo Nibura? This is IT - only a DIFFERENT badge! (The hatch is pictured).How DARE GM do this to their customers. But then again, when you think about it they did create the Corvair. Good ol' Ralph Nader. Love that guy. Anyway, back to the Chevywoos. Powered by small eco engines and rather forgetable body styles, both left you with a bad taste in your mouth.....and wallet. But don't take my word for it. Check this guy's complaint on ( a wonderful site btw!). But if you're too lazy to click the link I'll drop some of his words in my blog when he describes his 2006 Chevy Optra:

What things have gone wrong with the car?

Did not expect that even with a small population of chevys on the local scene that I needed a week advance booking for my first 1k servicing. As there were problems with my aircon and door alignment, my car had to be left overnight when I sent it in for the oil change. Got it back the next day, aircon was improved, but doors still cannot close properly (unless you pushed or slammed them) However, barely 3 weeks are coming out of my first servicing, on my way to work, I got a burnt smell coming from the aircon. Ignored it and continued to get to my workplace. When I got out of the car, was shocked to see smoke coming out the front wheel arch!! Opened the boot immediately and found smoke coming from the engine too!! Visual check reveal that my engine oil was leaking till below the 'min' line on the dipstick.Finally, had the car towed back to the authorized dealer. During the 4 days it was there, no effort was made to keep my updated on what's happening or what was wrong and only at the end of the 4th day, received a call to collect my car. Knowing that if I collected my car after hours, no mechanic would be around to tell me what's wrong so I told them I would go down the next morning.However, as expected, when I collected my car the next morning, the adviser just handed me my keys without a word! when I asked him what's wrong, he only told me what I already knew : engine was leaking... and that they have replace the oil and some other parts... when I wanted details, I got the "all I can say..." crap and "factory fault" crap too... and I still don't what's really wrong!Inspected my car visually and was disgusted to find a big oily mess they left in my almost-3-month-old engine bay which they did not even bother to clean up!4 days later, I got a "screeching' sound coming from my rear wheel... had to tap the brakes to stop the sound... wonder what's wrong now?? have not decided to send it down yet... still waiting for GM / Chevrolet in Thailand to reply to my queries. (although car was bought in Singapore, but the service here sucks!!) Note : car is only less than 3 months from collection from the authorized dealer!! almost brand new!! so why the serious defect!? from my mileage, I drive little and same route everyday... so why such a serious problem?Make no mistake - those cars SUCK. But wait! I have more wonderful cars for you. What do you think when you see this car on the road?
That's right bitches! It's the 2007 Hyundai Tiburon! And if you think this car is a sports car..... you would be dead wrong. Indeed, even fitted with the optional V-6 engine, the car only puts a pitiful 175 bhp to the front wheels. Although it uses a Nissan transmission (6-speed), you wouldn't really know it if I didn't spill the beans on it. I drove one of these last year on a test drive at a local Hyundai dealership. It was a V6 model and had the manual gearbox. (Canadian Driver has a good review of it too - at this link).
A salesman had to accompany me because the dealership manager didn't want this car to go off the car alone. God knows why, it must be hard to resist roasting the tires on this one. And this is where I was sorely wrong. The car is kitted nicely with A/C, a fancy multi-colored stereo, dash amenities and iPOD hookup; but that's about it. Wrining any kind of performance out of this car was a terrible experience. First, in order to get any kind of power you really had to rev the shit out of the engine. Unfortunately, this was impossible due to the salesman sitting next to me.
However I did manage to squeak the tires off the stop once just to see "what it had". And that's when I discovered in reality... it didn't have much at all. Sadly Hyundai spent more money on the looks than the actual brakes, suspension, and engine components. Pushing the engine rewarded you with a nasty, buzzing noise. After driving for 4 minutes I wanted to get out. The AC seemed to tax the engine a bit more than I was expecting. Did you know that most people who buy these cars get the base 4-cylinder engine? That engine, my friends, puts out an astounding 128 bhp.
But I digress. While the fit and finish appear to be of the highest South Korean car I had ever driven to date, it was lacking many features found in other cars. EBDF, traction control, stability control.... nope.Riding over the pavement you could really hear the lack of sound deadening. Every little bump and knock was heard loud and clear. Good thing they put a big ass stereo in the car - you'll need it. Mostly women buy this car and by looking at it's appearance I can tell why.
The fully equipped top of the line Tib will run you $28,000 dollars Canadian. And if you pay that then you are an absolute lunatic. There are so many better cars out there for your dollar - Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic Si, hell.... even the shitty Nissan Sentra SER-Spec 5 is better value than this.Of course, if price is your total objective and you don't mind driving a car that is going to be worth a box of rocks in 5 years, then by all means get a used one. But beware. These cars do not have the best reliability. Their weak clutches and proneness to losing front wheel alignment is something you should think about.
My next subject will be a car that I personally drive for over 7 years. And boy, was it a bag of shit. Can you guess what it was? Hint: It was a Chevrolet !

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