Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Autorevu's 10 Days of Crap Cars

Back by strong demand, AutoRevu will be bringing you ten incredible days of back-to-back car crappiness. Starting this Friday, August 1st I will be posting a new crappy car every day with a witty commentary about what makes it so crappy. So stay tuned and visit often as I bring back old memories and expose new surprises from the far reaches of Eastern Europe, Japan, India, Africa, and of course North and South America. Nothing will be spared and be prepared to be truly shocked. 

In fact if you have dinner before visiting my site I will suggest you refrain from visiting this web site until after you have eaten your lunch. I will expose a level of crappiness that has not been seen until the early 1980's. Think back, of all the years you have owned or rented a car. I'm sure there must have been some truly crappy cars or trucks out there. Well now's your chance. If you want to submit your idea on what is the crappy car, I will review it and *maybe* might include this in my list. 

There is no gaurantee. I am a very picky bastard and I will not stop until I get the best of the worst. So you have a Trabant or a Chevy Cavalier? Not crappy enough. I want the lowest level of dispair and utter low of hellspawn crap. I want the crap that is so bad, you wouldn't even want the junkyard to have it. It's sort of like that Kia Rio on Top Gear USA. Or the hosts. I'm not sure which, yet, is worse.


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