Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Looking Back

Ten years ago I lived in Calgary and I drove a 1992 F-150 pickup truck. I used to brag about blasting the competition away at the lights. Now I'm a little more older, higher insurance costs, and driving a compact car. Funny how time mellows you out. I drive a 2007 Impreza with a manual gear box. I'm a lazy bastard too. I should have gotten an automatic, but no, I went and get a standard transmission. Sure, it's fun to drive and I love the control over the car, but I admit, in traffic it is a pain in the ass. I actually popped the clutch this week and stalled the fucker while driving out of an intersection. That never happens.

But then today after taking the car to the wash I was driving home and got cut off by this ignorant biatch in a Honda Civic. She cut right into my lane when I was turning left. Unbelievable. The strange thing is, I never lost my cool. I just honked the horn and swore. Fuck it.

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