Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long Weekend

I got this Friday off so I'm relaxing this time. On Friday I picked up a cheap MP3 player called the SanDisk Sansa Express.

The cool thing about this MP3 player is:

- 1 Gig, expandable by using microSD
- OLED display (low power)
- USB thumb drive
- NO DRM! Just plug, copy, and it sorts for you.
- $34.99 at Futureshop this week.

Great. Now I can use my fm broadcaster unit so I can listen to MP3's in the Subaru. I didn't want to get any fancy MP3 player like the MS ZUNE or Apple IPOD because I didn't want to spend much money and I also did not want ANY DRM (Digital Rights Management) on it.

I also picked up a couple of NOMA vertical fans from Canadian Tire. These fans are great because they take up a small amount of horizontal space, have a remote control, and also an ionizer built in to remove dust. They're 59.99 each...and the second fan only cost me $29.99 because the lady rang in the wrong price code. (Who was I to complain?).


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