Monday, June 30, 2008

Discount MP3 Players aren't all that.

I bought an el-cheapo MP3 player 2 weeks ago, the Sandisk Sansa Express for $34.00 at Futureshop. It worked fine for a few times but then I noticed it had this annoying habit of either locking up solid or freezing during powering up. Or sometimes it would completely lose it's settings during a power up and ask me what language I want my player in. Of course when the last incident happened I lost all my radio and mp3 presets. Fortunately the mp3 files were still there so it wasn't a total wash. The ear buds were terrible, so I took my Blackberry Pearl earbuds and tried them out on the Sansa Player - very good.

So now I'm stuck with a shitty MP3 player that I have only myself to blame. I'll stick with this player for a few months because I'm a cheap, stubborn bastard. But if you know of any good MP3 players that don't cost as much as those fancy iTouch cocksuckers, I'd be appreciative.


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