Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gas, Driving, and More Rice

A day off for me today. I spent the entire day driving around town, doing various errands and other boring stuff that needed to be done. First, a few observations: People don't genuinely give a fuck and won't give you a INCH if you ask for it. While waiting to turn onto the street.........30 cars went by before a good gap came up and I could scoot into traffic. The place is full of fucking assholes. And speaking of assholes....didn't I find a ridiculous Acura Integra with the worst body kit (including mismatched paint/unpainted lower panels) ?

And of course, this little asshole blows the red light.... with his poor girlfriend as a passenger. I tried hard to get a shot with my camera, but fuck, he was gone by the time I had it ready. And all these God damn Honda Civics with the ridiculous bolt-on wings. I'm sorry folks, but Fast and Furious was never cool and if being called a wanna be rapper/gangster makes you feel be it.

Gas is going to get even more expensive tonight. Already the price is $1.30 per liter, which is a "bargain" according to many financial experts. Diesel fuel is already at 1.54 per liter, an incredible amount - usually the diesel fuel is LOWER than gasoline. Not anymore! World demand is exceeding supply......ergo the higher price. It also costs more to refine diesel than regular gasoline. And what's with the recent spate of shit boxes on the road? Twice in one day I was behind cars that spewed nasty oily smokey exhaust. One was an old VW Golf, the other a Dodge Intrepid. I still think Dr. Z should be shot for even considering making that bag of crap. Oh, and the Dodge Avenger is a pile of shit, too.

But where was I? Oh yes. I have to do some regular maintenance to the Subaru this weekend. Oil change, etc. I should be a good time for all. I also have to clean the car out and wax it up a bit. I'm really not sure what products to use... there are so many of them out there.


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