Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow, More Damn Snow

I get tired of this snow coming down. It's almost friggin' April already. As I was driving home today you get these idiots who like to tailgate when the weather is shitty. Some stupid asshole in a Chrysler Intrepid rides my ass down the road near the Tim Hortons. I pull out off the light a little hard - I was expecting my car to slide out sideways or go diagonally due to the all wheel drive. But to my surprise the car actually gripped the road pretty good and I roared away. The intrepid? Sadly left behind, trounced yet again by an AWD wonder car.

I live on the bottom of a steep hill. We have one other Subaru in the building (a Legacy station wagon), and we are the only cars that can climb it during any slippery weather. Oh sure, the old Ford pick up truck has tried in vain to climb up that hill - only to end up sliding down diagonally again, burning up rubber in the process.

Two people died in Nova Scotia highways today - I think on Highway 103 - a.k.a the road of death. What happens is the road is an undivided highway and you get people driving too fast for the weather. They end up spinning out, and getting nailed by oncoming traffic. Sort of almost what happened to me when I spun out on the divided highway a few months ago. A Subaru may have all wheel drive but it sure as hell is not a tank. After that and other driving experiences I have slowed down quite a bit. I don't have a choice, insurance is very expensive.

So back to the Intrepid. Where was this guy going where he needed to be in such a rush? Tim fucking Hortons. UNBELIEVABLE.

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