Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy Quebec Drivers

IT's not every day you see a car from Quebec in Atlantic Canada. Just today at a 4-way intersection, this guy in a Honda Civic gets to the 4-way stop after I do. Just as I decide to turn left, this fucker decided to make a right turn and NOT wait for me to clear the intersection.

So I get behind this asshat and decide to play it cool. I let him zoom ahead and low and behold: The police are there! Unfortunately, the police were 3 cars ahead of this clown. Not only was this guy wandering in his lane, but he almost seemed drunk. The car would move from left to right. And when the lane splits up, he takes the left lane. I take the right lane and zoom around a car that had decided to turn right. NO big deal, right? But this fucker decides to get in FRONT of my god damn car.

Look, I don't know he realizes the 173 bhp Subaru is pretty fucking quick. I still don't push the car, but I make sure he knows I'm behind him by dropping to 2nd gear. He blows the red light to get away from me. Unbelievable.

Fuck you Quebec drivers, FUCK YOU.


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