Monday, November 2, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

As the bullets rained down on us from seemingly everywhere, we managed to crawl back one block and hide around the corner to think about our next move. "Whoever it is shooting at us is a pretty good shot" John said, holding up his hat which had a bullet hole in the top of it. Marci looked out with binoculars, trying to isolate the shooter. But it was impossible, she said. Whoever it was doing the shooting was using high grade sniper gear and there were no muzzle flashes anywhere. What he or she was using was 50 caliber bullets, massive bullets that were capable of going through engine blocks. 

We stopped to have a snack and John stepped towards me and gestured me to the corner of the bus shelter where we were staying. "What?" I said, annoyed because I had problems opening up the c-ration we had stored in the backpacks. They were very hard to rip open. "There's something I have to tell you" he said, with a nervous look no his face. "So what is it?" I asked, punching a hole through the c-ration using a switch blade knife. I managed to cut my c-ration in half. "Fuck sakes" I said, throwing out half the ration. John sat down and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He looked nervous. "A few days ago when I was alone, I felt this.... presence beside me. It held me fast and I tried to move away but it was impossible." he said, hands buried in his face, rocking back and forth rapidly. I offered him a beer and he drank half of it before continuing. "I didn't feel panic or fear. It was the reverse of that. I was calm and relaxed." he said. "So what was he problem?" I asked, chipping away at a bag of stale potato chips. They tasted nasty.

I looked at the expiry date: exactly 5 months past it's due. Awesome. John stood up and put his hand on my shoulder and looked in my eyes with a wild fearfulness I haven't seen before. "it wasn't human, dude. She shone like the brightest light, brighter than the sun and it was the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my entire life. She wore white robes which shimmered in the light and perfectly arranged hair. There wasn't anything out of place with this girl. And then she started to speak, I fainted from hearing the words". he looked out at the distant creatures milling around an abandoned shopping center. "So what did she say?" I asked, dead serious as he was now, since this was indeed an unusual story. "

All she said was "Behold, I will make you know what shall happen in the last end of the indignation. For it is for the time appointed for the end." John continued, clearing the tears from his eyes. "And then she disappeared within a second, leaving the smell of flowers and the distant laugh of children." I stood back, stunned. While I was a Roman Catholic, I never really bothered to attend Sunday mass like I should have. All that bad news about pedophile priests abusing alter boys and such really turned me away from the faith for a while. It dominated the news for twenty solid years. And then this disaster happened. 

I sat back and thought about it, but it didn't take me long to realize who had visited John. I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell him, considering the problems it might cause him. People have known to go insane after finding out they were visited by a higher being. "So what the fuck was it?" he asked. I scratched my head and cleared my throat. "Dude, you just had a conversation with a being that sits besides Metatron and God himself. It was Archangel Gabrielle."

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