Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

Our plan was to stay a few days, but it never came to be. You see, when Marci dropped by she accidentally left a sandwich in the stairwell. This attracted rats, which in turn, attracted those people taken over by the infection. They quickly and efficiently stormed the building as we slept in the early hours of the morning. We barely made it out the emergency door as the horde burst through the first barrier."Over here you fucking idiots" John yelled to us as he burst through a hidden doorway in the back bedroom. I could hear the distinct sound of feet running on the stairs along with an angry, continuous screech. There must be hundreds of them.

I grabbed my gun and ran for my life as John propped the door open. I could hear more yells and screams of the approaching crowd. I let Marci go through first and then myself, followed by John. As we left the apartment in the back door we ran down the emergency stairwell. John stopped to punch a pinpad that was stationed outside the doorway. "Run, fuckers... we have one minute to get the hell out of here!" and then his eyes went big, as he mouthed the words "BOOM". Just as we got down to the ground floor and onto the sidewalk a massive explosion was heard from within the apartment. 

Gasoline and propane tanks, hidden in the walls, suddenly ignited along with an explosive fireball that engulfed the entire building. People were flung out of buildings and landed on the sidewalk below, making a sickening thud. Oddly, they made no sound as they fell to the ground. "What the hell was that John?" I asked as we continued running through the alley, ducking around cars and an overturned semi trailer. I looked over my shoulder and saw hundreds of them streaming out of the buildings and heading towards the now burning apartment block. We stopped for a minute and John lit up a smoke. "That, my friends, was my escape plan all blown to shit. That explosion? Home made napalm - good old jellied gasoline."

"Thank god for chemistry 101 and the youtube archive on my hard disks".  He flicked the match into the sewer grate, and it went out with a sizzle. It took me a while to get my breath back, as I was out of shape from years of living in an air chilled computer room. We were hiding in the back of an overturned semi trailer which had been filled with cheap furniture from China: Chairs, broken tables, and a sofa. We all sat down on the sofa and thought about the next move. "What happened to your ear?" Marci asked, pointing to the missing flesh on the tip. I moved my hand towards it and noticed I had somehow lost the bandage. "Here" she said, placing a bandage on my ear and stopping the blood flow. I explained what happened and she burst out laughing. "It's all fun and games until someone gets their ear blown off" I laughed quietly. 

We decided to stay the day in the closed dark trailer. It would be safer this way, we reasoned, as the creatures would have a difficult time finding us in the darkness. As dusk approached I pulled the doors of the trailer back cautiously and peered out. It was eerily quiet and the streets were empty, except for the junk, abandoned cars, and dead bodies. I looked up in the distant horizon and noticed black clouds roiling in the sky. They looked ominous and evil. John caught me looking at them when he caught my eyes. "Don't know what's going on there, but we should get away from it, whatever that is". I agreed. We dined quickly on canned tuna and beer salvaged from the fridge. We left the truck trailer and crept amongst the shadows, moving slowly around rats and dead bodies that littered the streets. The first few days of the apocalypse was a novelty, now the real horror and sickness was starting to set in: The rotting smell of death was in the air. Flies were everywhere and even wearing bandannas over your mouth, you sometimes retched from smelling something that caught you off guard. We had managed to travel six blocks in three hours when we had to stop: Up ahead, there was a massive pile of dead bodies placed in the intersection with a huge sign posted on top. It read: "Warning. You will be shot if you approach." As I looked up over my shoulder I heard a shot ring out which missed my head by inches. We dove for cover as a booming sound of a sniper rifle began peppering us with shots.

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