Friday, July 21, 2017

Raging Drunken Homeless Asshole

For the money, I'd rather get a Tesla S than a GT-R. They both cost roughly the same, but the Tesla S wins on acceleration and power. You can't beat fully electric drivetrains for instant torque and power.

I was in the back alley with some colleagues to let them try the boosted board. It was going fine until some drunken asshole comes up and asks us to punch him in the face. We're like, "No, dude.... no thanks".  Dude starts getting aggressive and reaches into his back pocket.

At this moment I'm like "This asshole is going to pull a knife on us". My boosted board is far away with another colleague riding it. I try to calm the guy down by saying "Hey, dude, chill out.". And then he's like "NO! You guys think you're better than me because I"m homeless". And at this point I'm not scared at all. I look at my colleagues who have frozen expressions on their faces. They do nothing. I'm like "Man, I have homeless people for friends... it's not like that at all... chill."  (a lie but it works). He calms down and goes away for a bit.

Finally my board comes back and it's time to get the fuck out of dodge. I grab the board and remote, switch to pro mode, and blast outta there.

Fuck drunken asshole wanna be tough guys. I was tempted to smash my board over his head but I didn't want to have blood on the grip tape.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Boosted Board is Back !!

Perfect symmetry in the bike racks in downtown Calgary. I love the shot.

The red morning sun lights downtown, you can't see blue sky anymore, it's all gray now from the forest fire smoke.

Mirrored reflection off a newly setup downtown art structure (curved mirror). I pulled the building into it and I think it worked out well.

I think it's a replica Shelby, but it does look like one, doesn't it?

And she's back! My boosted board V2 Dual + is back - they replaced the motors, motor controller, battery, remote, and even the belts!! I found the wheels were too tight, so I loosened them. They tightened the trucks too, I have to loosen it up. I did ride it and it is VERY quiet compared to my original boosted board. I don't think it's as fast either, but maybe that's a good thing - these things are crazy dangerous and fun.

My odometer is set back to 7.5 km, so any mileage I put on, I'll just add 850 KM to it anyway.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 Calgary Stampede and Boosted Board Update

+32 on the grounds and crowded. The rodeo show was neat but I didn't stick around too long, it was too hot for me, even in shorts. 

The show essentially is the same as it was every year. Same announcers, music, and a slightly different theme. When we walked in there was Native American dancing which was nice.

Didn't go up to the stands, wanted to stay near the front and take some pictures. I used the Ricoh GR and bumped into a photographer who had a Nikon D4 and a massive 400 mm lense. I showed him the ninja camera and he said "That is a very nice camera!". Indeed. But his gear cost at least $10K. This old Ricoh was 700 new. 

Fairground food is very expensive. I had already eaten a hamburger and potatoes whic was fine. 

A deep fried onion sounds like a stomach nightmare. I passed on that.

The boosted board was fixed today. The parts that were replaced?

* Battery - mainly due to the connection/cover that was broken (due to use)
* Both 1,000 watt motors
* Both motor controllers
* Boosted remote control (it didn't hold a charge anymore)

Should get the board next week. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2017 Calgary Stampede

Well the boosted board has arrived back at their HQ in Mountainview, California. Hopefully they'll fix this thing and I can get back to boosting again. 

On July 11th, 7-11 gave away slurpees from 11AM to 7PM on that day. Of course I picked one up!

Smoke in the air from the BC fires. It gives the sun a reddish tinge.

I wore my cowboy boots at work, but couldn't do the walk to the car. My feet were killing me.

Heading to the 2017 Rodeo this year, as is tradition for the past 3 years I really enjoy watching the show. I took the half day off. Should be great fun and baking hot - +33 tomorrow. I'll be wearing shorts.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Returning Shit Should Not Be Difficult

I would imagine Pepsi with Cinnamon is very disgusting. I don't have the guts to try it yet. Went to the main downtown post office and the person said I needed a manifest for my boosted board. I contacted boosted and they said I do NOT need one because it's going back to the country of manufacture (USA). They said to photocopy the shipping lable, put it in an envelope, stick it to the box and try a different post office. And the next day I did. And you know what? It's accepted. Fuck those idiots.

The good part about walking (besides exercise and music) is the more street photography opportunities. I mean, what the fuck else am I going to do?

So cute. The 125cc Honda Grom bike. I'd love to have one of these, but really don't need a bike. Maybe in a year or two.

 So tiny compared to the red bike.
 Walk on.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 6-15: 2017 Calgary Stampede

And yet again, I am going back to the 2017 to see the bull riding / rodeo event. I'll walk through the fair grounds too, but unlikely I'll go on any rides. I'll bring the Ricoh GR 2 but I'll have no boosted board - my skateboard will be in California for repairs by the time Stampede rolls around. That sucks.

Below are screenshots of the actual 2017 food at this year's Stampede.

I'm not sure what I'll try. But I know it WON'T be the hot pizza. Fuck no.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Walking Sucks

Outside my favorite skate shop, the Burninator !! God I miss Strongbad.

Boosting makes you lazy.

 Sort of like my cat.

So I've decided to walk daily on my same skateboard route, and it's tough in 30C weather.

Friday, June 30, 2017

RIP BBV2 D+ April 15 - June 30th 2017

An idiotic art installation of a huge ball that Calgary spent $33,000 to have it placed across various areas of the city. I wish I was kidding.

Triump Tiger bike. Pretty neat, but expensive ($24,000)

Roll up the win to rim is back for Canada Day at Tim Hortons. Talk about whoring up the 150th anniversary of Canada's creation.

It's true. I boosted in to work this morning and it was fine. At lunch the board went 3 feet then both motors died. The remote was beeping. I unconnected both motors and re-connected, powered it off and on, no change...

I contacted Boosted who said I would have to send it back for repairs. I'm waiting for the shipping label. (No charge shipping). The board is covered until April 2018, but I'm pretty bummed out. I put about 850 kilometers on the board.

Now I know why Casey Neistat owns 7 of these motherfuckers.