Sunday, December 10, 2017

Some Real Shit [NSFW Warning]

NSFW warning: I will be using raw language and sexually explicit text here.

What I'm about to share has never been told to anyone in my immediate circle of friends and family. Back when I lived in Nova Scotia, before the old apartment building on Arthur Street burned to the ground years ago, we had some .... unique characters living in the building.

Besides the usual pot smokers who normally kept quiet and to themselves, we had a few people that were into the more dangerous drugs: Cocaine, crack, barbituates, and any opiod they could get their hands on.

For anonymous reasons, we'll call this character "Wendy" because I'd rather not give their first name and have that person identified. Wendy was a true addict in all sense of the word: She'd hustle continuously for money to feed her crack addition. Before meeting her I never knew what Cocaine psychosis is. I remember one fucking time I was dropping off some food she needed to borrow and I saw her busy digging around the cupboards and crawling on the floors looking for something.

"They're here, the bugs. Don' you see them?" she said. Wendy was frantically digging into imaginary objects on the floor, walls, and cupboard. I searched with my eyes but could see nothing. She was completely nuts and in deep Cocaine psychosis.

Cocaine psychosis is basically an overdose in your mind. The condition usually befalls unfortunate souls with a history of cocaine or crack abuse. Cocaine is one of the most addictive substances on earth, and as with other drugs, your body builds up a tolerance against it. Over time, addicts need to consume more and more cocaine to get high. Cocaine gives a boost to your sympathetic nervous system filling your body with good vibrations, but while in that supercharged state, things can get ugly.

 Months later I saw her on the street in a tiny red dress. She was very skinny and out looking for tricks to support her habit. She would pawn anything that wasn't bolted down for crack money. I don't know how she stayed in the building, but I suspect she was gifting blowjobs to the superintendant. She was caught giving blowjobs to clients outside the building using plastic sobeys bags. (ughh).

Her boyfriend was an abusive alcoholic asshole to actually broke her leg one year. He never went to jail.  My advice to anyone thinking about doing Cocaine or crack: Don't even think about it. Although its' unlikely you'll get addicted to it after 2-3 tries, it could actually kill you by stressing out your cadiovasular system (heart attack).

During this time of year some people get in over their heads doing lines of Coke, meth, or other types of drugs. My advice is to stay away from these:

Spice/K2/artificial weed
Man-made psychadelics such as 2C-B

Safe with moderation:

Magic Truffles and Mushrooms

I am not advocating drug use. In fact I gave up weed for over 10 months this year. Even now I am wary about smoking a joint or taking a vape hit that could lead to a psychological dependence. Use in moderation and in the appropriate setting and time.

Friday, December 8, 2017

I forgot my own rules

Above: An office flooded due to a faulty heating pipe in a downtown office. I almost stepped completely into it. The air smelled musty and I'm glad there wasn't power otherwise I might have been dead.

Most of the pictures I take are lucky. 99% of my pictures are random and I'm in the right spot at the right time. Just like above.

Sunsets are easy. Even the iphone 6s can take a half decent shot. My Ricoh GR2 will be coming out next week. 

We had  a anonymous gift exchange at work. This is what I received (I wanted anything with cats). Perfect!

Boosting 101

- Don't ever go full blast down runs you don't know 100%
- Don't trust drivers
- Be ready to jump
- Wear your gear

So in doing this list I broke the very first rule. I was blasting downtown on the pedestrian/bike path in Calgary and immediately came upon a brick-sized depression in the road. I woudl say 2 inches deep (yikes!!!). Instead of jumping off the board, I decided to go for it and resist panic.

I actually managed to get over it. But then another one literally 2 seconds afterwards. I made it again. After that I decided I would no longer go full blast down unknown roads. Too risky. I managed to carry a gigantic take-out box through downtown and weaving around pedestrians. Good times.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Be Careful in December

Calgary has been in a warm spot for about 2 weeks now. Temperatures are going to hit +14 & +16 next Friday and Saturday. This is uncharted territory for me. I'm used to living in Winnipeg or Halifax, where the temps are pretty reliable: Cool or cold. The warming of the environment has been incredible.

With the holiday parties starting up, it would be easy to be caught up in the moment and get into a situation nobody would want. DWI or even driving while high, should always be avoided. Use a cab.  Last year I decided to drink a lot of liquor and get pretty drunk. This year I'll be off the booze and *might* have a toke or two - but that's about it.

Spend time with family and loved ones. They are the ones that count.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

 The ipod takes good pictures in well lit scenes.

From the iphone 6s, it takes pictrues a little bit more accurately and with less noise.

The ipod's sensor has trouble dealing with the powerful lights that show a construction scene. Noise everywhere.

Underexposed, the ipod picture lacks low-light sensitivity. 

 A decent shot with the ipod, take during lunchtime in downtown Calgary.

Kitty loves those goddman glow sticks.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A History of Mp3 Players I've Used

The Sansa 1G Express with OLED and FM radio. Oh, the futureshop special I bought for $40 back when these were the cheapest mp3 players out there. It worked intermittently, randomly rebooting and would lose your station presets. It did have a microSD port to allow more MP3's, and it did play them sometimes. After the 20th reset I lost my shit and destroyed it under my boot one afternoon. A real piece of shit. 

The Zune 30G work horse. I bought this for $70 in Truo, Nova Scotia back in mid 2000's. It was solid, heavy, used a tiny physical hard drive and the software was buggy as shit. The games were laughable. No wifi. Compared to the ipod this thing was a real clunker - except for the audio quality. It used really good DAC's and the sound was phenomenal. Sadly, in 2012 I ended up dropping it on the pavement and destroyed the fragile hard drive. RIP. 

So the tiny zune 4GB I found on Kijiji for $50 and it actually worked nicely for about 3 months before the display went completely blank. I don't know what the hell happened but it stopped working and I had to ditch it.

Back to the Zune HD. Found one again on Kijij and picked it up & used it for about 3 years. The problem is the flimsy audio jacks - breaking, I could not replace it. I managed to jerry-rig the audio jack but one day the last of the plastic completey broke on me. So long.

I picked up the apple ipod touch gen 7 and don't use the shitty ear buds. I have Sennheiser over the ear studio phones which work pretty good. I hope it lasts a while. I don't use my phone for music because it's not my phone. It belongs to work. I don't need my MP3's and shit on a work phone.

Friday, November 3, 2017

No more longboarding

Calgary received 25 cm of snow in 3 days so far. The temperature dipped to -13C and it's cold as hell. Immediately, drivers began moving around like idiots and accidents were everywhere. It's like that movie Groundhog day and every year the same traffic bullshit happens during the first major snow storm. Snowpocalypse. The boosted board has been put against the wall for the season, I don't see this being used again until next year - unless we get a massive chinook warm stretch...

I managed to get the Nitto SN2's fitted on my car again for the winter season; I figure I have 1 last season with these bad boys and I'll have to get new ones next year. 

 I found the dollar store was selling glow sticks for $1.25 for a bundle of 10. Great deal. I love them.

Kitty loves them.

Even a slurpee looks better witha glow stick.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Samsung S2 Tab Charging Issues ?

Own a Samsung tablet or smart phone? Tired of the battery draining even if you have the 2A charger plugged into it? It's a common problem for many owners of the S2 tablet series. First, the charger is a piece of crap. Many other people have reported that this charger often is unable to supply even half the stated capacity of 2A. When plugged in, the tablet said it would take over 19 hours to charge (!). Unbelievable.

Quite frankly, I went out and bought a 40W multi-charger USB block and hooked it up to my 7 inch tablet - works great. I use the 60W multi-charger for the 9.7 inch tablet.

Both tablets have applications set to sleep mode when not in use (important). If you don't set this the applications will continue to run and drain the battery even when your tablet is shut to low power. Very rarely this problem can be caused by a damaged or faulty charging cable - usually the cheap chinese copies you can buy of DX are good enough. Sometimes you do get shit cables.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall's Last Gasp

Its getting cold out in the mornings. A fine matrix of ice weaved into random and complex patterns on the hood of my car. It almost looks like a planet from the distance.

A bud of mine drinks this stuff. I never tried it and considering the 15% alcohol I'd probably be on my ass in no time. Instead, I bought an 8-pack of Irish beers.

While boosting downtown I discovered this interesting enclosed pathway with a mural of graffiti on the side. Very neat photo, kind of lucked into it. Enjoy this week of warm weather while it lasts. Next week I have to get my winter tires mounted and get ready for the onsalught of cold and wintery weather. Brrr.